Share the Road: Five Safety Tips for Driving Near RVs

As the weather warms, more and more RVs can be seen rolling along the highways. Driving next to such large vehicles can be intimidating, so treat RVs the same as you would a semi-truck (some RVs are nearly as large, and have similar mirror set-ups and handling abilities). When driving near an RV, keep these five tips in mind, and practice the same precautions when you’re on the road with any large vehicle.

Check it Twice: Nationwide’s RV Checklist

We’ve all left for vacation and been hit with the nagging feeling that something important was left behind. And while the typical road-tripper will often forget replaceable items like a toothbrush or mobile phone charger, RV safety equipment like a breakaway switch, umbilical cord, sway bars and safety chains might be harder to find at the local hardware store.

Take a Rolling Vacation

An RV trip, especially to America’s National Parks, can be a fun family excursion when you follow these safety tips. Americans often get the itch to explore our nation’s great, wide-open spaces, and RVs can take them there without pricey … Continued