Changing a Flat Tire 101

When you experience car trouble, it’s nice to know that help is most often just a phone call away. But a little education about some basic car maintenance and repair will go a long way if you’re ever caught in a tricky situation.

What Do Your Car Tires Say About You? [SLIDESHOW]

Your choice of car tires says a lot about you as a driver. Just as owning a pool probably means you live in a warm climate, your vehicle’s tires send a message of their own. Here are a few common and uncommon tire options, why you may need them and what they say about you and your driving habits.

Caring for Big Wheels

Keeping the wheels on the bus in good shape helps you drive safely. One pop. That’s all it takes to kill a road trip, so check the air in your tires about twice a month. And use a pressure gauge, … Continued