Busting Common Car Myths – Part 3: High Octane

When gas prices go up, people will do anything to increase fuel efficiency, including using magnets to “align” gasoline molecules . This myth is just one of many that claims to make your car run more efficiently – but does it really?

Myth: “Premium gasoline makes your car run better.”

Busting Common Car Myths – Part 2: Coasting

In part one of our vehicle myth busting series, we showed that, despite what you were taught as a young driver, idling your car wastes more gas than turning it off for a few minutes. Continuing our auto myth busting series, we bring you a question of coasting:

Myth: “Coasting down hills in neutral saves gas.”

Busting Common Car Myths – Part 1: Leave it running?

Welcome to first installment of our ‘Busting Common Car Myths’ series, where we’ll be examining popular car myths and testing their accuracy.

Myth: “Turning off a car then restarting it wastes much more gas than letting it idle for a few minutes.”