The Safest Feature in Your Car is You


While innovative car safety features are introduced each year, the most important one has always been the driver.

Nationwide’s recently introduced commercial highlights driving safely and protecting yourself and the occupants of your vehicle. Here’s a glimpse of what safe driving looks like – and how we reward those that lead by example.

When you drive, there’s a lot competing for your attention. Distractions can arise in the blink of an eye. But being a safe driver means you’re alert and prepared for anything and everything that comes your way – both inside and outside of the car.

At Nationwide, we believe that you should be rewarded for being consistently cautious and responsible. Our Vanishing Deductible option offers $100 off your deductible for each year of safe driving. We realize that accidents can’t always be avoided. In the event of a collision, however, your deductible wouldn’t return to $0, but would reset to $100 – and allow you to continue saving.

When it comes to keeping loved ones safe and secure, you hold the power. Lead by example. Encourage safe driving at all times.