How Your Home Can Help You Save on Taxes

Speak with your tax preparer to find out which of these changes are best for you. Given the state of the housing market, you might think the saying “There’s value in real estate” doesn’t mean as much as it used … Continued

Lock Your Doors

Match the locks and alarms to the right doors to find out how they keep burglars out.

Saving One Roof at a Time

Nationwide’s tree removal service helped this couple recover from a tornado. One constant through all of this year’s storms has been the damage caused by fallen trees landing on homes. As one couple in Alabama learned last spring, though, Nationwide … Continued

7 Steps to a Kid-Proofed House

Temporarily protect your home from pint-sized guests. Whether or not the weather outside is frightful, having a lot of young guests in your home during the holidays may seem less than delightful. Fear not. There are simple ways to temporarily … Continued

Keep Your Home’s Lights Safe and Save Money

Be sure to light your home the right way. Electric lights are such a fixture of our everyday lives that we really don’t give them much thought. But every year, more than 28,000 residential electrical fires cause an estimated $1 … Continued

Are You Ready to Winterize Your Boat?

Prepare your boat properly now, and you’ll have an easier time launching in the spring. A boat needs a lot of tender loving care, even when it’s going to be out of the water for the winter. It’s a matter … Continued

The Quick Color Selector

Describe your room and preferences, and we’ll serve up a color scheme to suit you.

Find Paint Colors You’ll Love

Know your taste and your home’s structure to find a palette that’s pleasing. From serene and stately to bold and exotic, color has the power to transform a space, create an atmosphere and make you happy to be home. All … Continued

Get Rid of Roof Leaks Before Winter

While the weather’s still warm, make sure you’ll be covered this fall and winter. Arguably the most important structural element of a home, your roof works 24/7 to protect your family from the elements. But intense summer sun, wind and … Continued