Charcoal vs Gas Grill: The Grate Debate

There’s a great debate going on in the backyards of America. A debate so heated that it pits friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors, and even divides families. What could stir such fiery passions among normally peaceful citizens? Gas versus charcoal grilling.

4 Things to Look at Before You Move In

Even renters have issues to inspect before signing a lease. The excitement of finding a new place to live—or perhaps the urgency of the situation—often makes would-be tenants blind to the faults of the space they are considering. When apartment … Continued

Signs Your Electrical System Might Need Repair

Find out what’s going on with the wiring in your walls. Picture this: It’s a quiet night and you’re calmly reading a classic Stephen King novel in bed when, for no reason, the lights suddenly dim. While the possibility of … Continued

Be Prepared for Emergencies at Home

Mother Nature has been known to suffer from sudden mood swings, and her wrath can be devastating and unpredictable. Because there’s no telling when severe weather will strike, it’s important to have a basic emergency supply kit on hand at all times—and a family plan for how to respond. Follow these tips to get started.

9 People You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to town or a longtime resident, you can benefit from having a network of resources to call on at short notice. Here are the top nine to track down for your list—although you might have a few more or less, depending on your situation and lifestyle.

Why Life Insurance Matters

When the unthinkable happens, life insurance is a key to the future. Before his office opened on April 30, Nationwide agent Nathan Nixon saw a car pull up to the Hayes-Rasbury Insurance Agency in Birmingham, Ala. A young woman in … Continued

Keep Your Poolside Safe

Gain peace of mind while your kids and guests are splish-splashing around. Nothing says summer like the sounds of children laughing and splashing in the water. Parents know it’s important to keep safety at the top of the list at … Continued

3 Top Tips to Protect Your Home

The saying goes that your home is your castle, so treat it like one. Be sure that the proper measures are taken to protect your home from invading forces. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 2.3 million American homes are broken into per year. You won’t have to build a moat, but do take these precautions to help prevent your home from being a target:

Plant annuals to add color to your yard this summer

Do you want to color your world, or at least your garden? If so, annuals are the way to go. It’s not too late to get transplants into the ground, although the sooner you plant them the better they’ll blossom.

Getaways for the Whole Gang

Family vacations are more than just great fun—they can create a lifetime of great memories. This is especially true when trips include multiple generations. If you’re traveling with your kids and your parents (and maybe even your grandparents), all-inclusive theme parks or cruises could be a great option. But there are plenty of other creative types of vacations that offer fun for your whole family.