#SelfiesWhileDriving: A Dangerous Phenomenon

Everywhere you look, people are taking “selfies” – from sporting events to graduation ceremonies. But the reckless act of taking a self-portrait while driving can endanger you, your passengers and others on the road. The selfie fad is so new … Continued

10 of the Safest Used Cars for Teens in 2014

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10 of the Safest Family Cars of 2014

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Autumn Driving Tips to Share With Your Teen

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The Safest Feature in Your Car is You

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Keep Seniors Safe on The Road

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What to Do if Your Vehicle is Recalled

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Born to Be Wild (but Safe)

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Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Learn the keys to raising a responsible driver. All parents feel at least some sense of concern when their teenagers start to drive. And there’s a valid reason for that: Teens account for three times more fatal crashes per mile … Continued