Apps to Improve Your Road Trip

Smartphones not only help drivers in an emergency, they can also make your travel more efficient, fun, productive and safe. Just remember, under no circumstances should you use these apps while driving. Pull off the road to a safe location … Continued

Smart Buying Tips for a Brand New Car

Know which fees you’re willing to pay for before you visit the dealership. If your home is the most significant purchase you’ll make, a new car is not far behind in terms of financial investments. The average cost of a … Continued

Tis the Season for Safety

Keep the holidays happy with these simple precautions. Gathering with family and friends to celebrate the spirit of the season is something many of us look forward to all year. Make sure your festivities are nothing but fun with these … Continued

How to Escape a Car in an Emergency

It’s a situation that can send even the most cool-headed drivers into a state of panic: you’re in an accident, and you can’t escape from your car. If you’re alone in a remote, dark area, the anxiety can really build. … Continued

Safe Driving with Big Rigs

How the humble automobile can coexist with 18-wheel mammoths. Big rigs deserve lots of attention, especially from motorists who must share the road with truckers. Up to three-fourths of all truck-involved fatalities are unintentionally initiated by car drivers. Overall, large … Continued

Don’t Give In to Road Rage

A quick temper can put you and others in danger. One-half of drivers who are subjected to aggressive behavior will respond with hostility, according to published research. Anne O’Dwyer, a dean and professor of psychology at Great Barrington, Mass.-based Bard … Continued

How to Avoid Insurance Fraud

When is an accident not an accident at all? When a scam is involved. Accidents happen. Yet a significant number of collisions aren’t accidental—they’re intentionally caused by criminals committing auto-insurance fraud. The perpetrators seek an innocent party to ram into … Continued

How to Pick a Reliable Body Shop

Appearance, reputation, cost and materials are the giveaways. The only thing nearly as unfortunate as a car accident is a bad experience at a body shop. You’re placing the keys (and your faith) in the hands of a business that … Continued

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Take extra precautions for everyone’s safety. Safe driving starts with mutual respect and consideration among all parties on the road. Motorists and cyclists share the same rights and must develop an understanding about safe driving practices. Just because a car … Continued