Busting Common Car Myths – Part 3: High Octane

Car myths: high octane fuel.

When gas prices go up, people will do anything to increase fuel efficiency, including using magnets to “align” gasoline molecules—according to Popular Mechanics. This myth is just one of many that claims to make your car run more efficiently – but does it really?

Myth: “Premium gasoline makes your car run better.”

In many cases, more expensive means better quality, so it makes sense that premium gasoline would have some added benefits, but does it? And if so, what are the benefits?

This myth is only partially correct. It’s true that premium gasoline will make some cars run better, but most run just fine on regular. Higher octane fuels reduce the chance of pre-ignition combustion, or engine knocking, which happens in high-pressure systems. So unless you own a high-performance vehicle, you won’t enjoy any benefits from buying premium fuel.

We corrected a few common car myths in our series so far, but there are still dozens out there. What are some auto myths that you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments below, and we may feature yours in a future post.