5 Cat Videos to Break Up Your Workday

Camera-shy cat.

We’ve all gotten cat videos from friends, family or co-workers that we have to watch right now. Memes like keyboard cat, I Can Has Cheezburger and Grumpy CatTM have become some of the best online distractions since Facebook. Cute kitty videos have become so popular that the first annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival was held in Minnesota last year.

So if you need a laugh, could use a mental break at work or just love cat videos, check out the videos below:

1. Sad French Kitty (winner of the 2012 Internet Cat Video Film Festival):

2. Kitten vs. watermelon

3. Kitten in hamster ball

4. Aqua cat

5. Surprised kitten

What’s your favorite cat video? Did we include it in the list?