Are Retail Cards Worth It?

Four questions to ask before signing up for that retail store credit card. “Want to save an additional 15 percent on your purchase today by signing up for our store card?” It’s the eternal question for retail shoppers these days. … Continued

7 Ways to Enjoy an Affordable Family Vacation

Looking for a perfect family getaway at a budget-friendly price? You do have options beyond the staycation or the grandparents’ house for a getaway. With a little creativity and planning, you can cut vacation costs without missing out on any … Continued

Road Trip Theme Tour Ideas

Pack up the car and get ready for sports, thrill rides, food and shopping. Winter is over, so it’s time to pack the car and head out on the open road to pursue your passions. To offer suggestions, MyNationwide has … Continued

5 Simple Space Saving Kitchen Tips

If you love to cook, you know that a clean, organized kitchen is essential. Notice that we said organized, not huge. More space is always nice, but there are ways to get better use out of what you have, while still making the room look good.

New Study Shows Fatal Car Crashes Caused by Cell Phones Are Substantially Underreported

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the National Safety Council estimates 1 in 4 crashes involve cell-phone-distracted drivers. But that’s just an estimate; there isn’t enough data to back up the claim. That’s because distracted driving is substantially underreported, even though it presents one of the biggest threats to driver safety.

The ABCs of ARMs: Decoding Mortgage Jargon

What was the last purchase you researched before buying? Was it a $50 toaster, or maybe a $200 smartphone? What about a $200,000 house?

Buying a house may be the most expensive purchase you ever make, and a little mortgage education can go a long way toward getting you a good deal. Here are a few mortgage terms you should brush up on before signing on any dotted lines.